19 Déc 2020

Uc Housing Agreement

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Once a student has registered/registered in their area, contract cancellations are no longer accepted. If a student has a mitigating circumstance that requires termination of the contract, he or she must go to his or her residence office to file an application form for the termination of contract. The request to terminate the contract is reviewed at the same time as the accompanying documents and a decision is sent to the student within three (3) working days. Requests for termination of contract are granted only in very exesuing circumstances. Finding another apartment off campus is not a mitigating circumstance, and we advise students not to sign a lease off campus while they still have a campus housing contract. In all halls, residents are responsible for cleaning all micro-refrigerators, microwaves and refrigerators in their rooms or suites for the duration of their housing agreement. Students at the residence must deposit a payment coupon with their domiciled payments to ensure that their payment is properly credited. Transfer information is included on the coupon. Payment coupons are not required if you pay online with SISWEB. Federal law requires the university to maintain procedures for responding to reports of absent students on campuses such as residences.

Students have the right and opportunity to register with us the name of a confidential contact person (CPC) to be contacted within 24 hours if you are missing. The name of the central counterparty is confidential and is only available to university staff for an investigation into your missing status. If you are under the age of 18 but are not emancipated, UCPD is required to inform your parent/guardian in addition to the CPC. If an employee is reported missing, it is the university`s policy to notify UCPD. For more information on this policy, please contact RED at 513-556-6476. Student safety is important to us. For more information, see housing.ucmerced.edu/current-residents/safety-and-emergency-procedures. Students who need specific housing should download, complete and submit a disability disclosure form. Instructions are included in the form. If you need help with off-campus apartments – rental property identification, financial support, or both – let us know.

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