08 Avr 2021

Bellevue College Collective Bargaining Agreement

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It is about publishing links to collective agreements negotiated by public universities when we receive them. If the name of the university or university is not linked, we have not received any information about their negotiated agreements. Washington`s legislature increased education funding by billions of dollars as a result of the Supreme Court`s McCleary decision. As part of the McCleary funding plan, Bellevue College received an additional $4 million through the college`s running start program, which serves high school students. But the college administration`s latest salary offer to the faculty would invest only $500,000 of those additional funds in salary increases – one-eighth of the money available. Bellevue College is committed to developing and enriching opportunities for all employees and encourages all employees classified in college training and activities, The Rossignol said that union and administrative negotiators were committed very far, and the university`s bargaining team requested the placement. Negotiations were scheduled to resume on 5 October, but were delayed due to the request for conciliation. K-12 teachers and education facilitators are not the only ones fighting for professional salaries — fair pay is also a bargaining goal for members of WEA educational institutions. Teachers in dozens of K-12 school districts have negotiated significant double-digit pay increases this year. For example, the highest salary for teachers in the Bellevue School District is now more than $111,000.

In comparison, the average salary for full-time faculties at Bellevue College is $67,374, and the highest salary available this year without a negotiated increase will be only $89,400. Teachers, who teach about 65% of university courses, are also grossly underpaid compared to K-12 teachers. Bellevue College faculty members are asking their president and the board of directors to negotiate competitive pay increases. During the 2018 legislature, the Faculty of the Community and the Fachhochschule were granted the right to negotiate local wage increases. Original 4/1/1990 Reviews 1/1/2003; 5/10/2005; 3/18/2008; 5/21/2009; 6/1/2010; 9/11/2012; 4/21/2015 « President Jerry Weber and the Foundation Board should show leadership and resolve our negotiations quickly with a contract that prioritizes the faculty rather than trying to redirect funds for our salaries to other priorities, » said Rossignol. « The money is now available to allow for wage increases, » said Sue Rossignol, president of the Bellevue Colleges Association, the faculty`s union. « We`re worth it. Faculty turnover is already much higher than it should be, and without competitive professional pay, we will continue to lose top teachers to other jobs or institutions. These links are posted in accordance with RCW 43.88.583 (3). Supervisory authorities are responsible for supporting staff development and community enrichment and building.

Facilitators take care of performance development in the performance development process and document staff participation in development and enrichment opportunities and community building in the annual evaluation process. Original date: 01.04.1990 – Last effective review: 21.04.2015 Policy Contact: Vice President, Human Resources.

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