09 Déc 2020

Global Agreement Neil Beloufa

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The exhibition`s curator, Matthias Ulrich, on Neél Beloufa`s latest video: « Political and social conflicts around the world are increasingly being relayed on the Internet. This is the starting point of Neel Beloufa, where the verbal and visual arguments of millions of users find not only the expression and the forum, but also their own reality. It follows a simple rule: it creates situations where the protagonists talk about things that might or might not have happened. The next step is to repeat these situations, as if we were observing them again – fiction, the commentary of fiction, and finally the commentary on the staging of a fictional situation, are combined artistically. The faces are young soldiers from different backgrounds, each interviewed about their lives inside and outside the army. « The real war is here every day, » says a man who drives a car; « I don`t need to talk about politics in my country, » said another, exclaiming from home. « Boom, boom, boom, » recalls one woman in a suspended chair, « It was so noisy – and we were naked! » These intimate dialogues reveal memories, personal beliefs and habitats, but they also retain a sense of universality underlined by the uniformity of their presentation. This is what happens in the very design of the exhibition: the screens are arranged so that everyone can observe – voyeurism is a very public matter. Beloufa offers an allegorical materialization of social media, a force that not only facilitates the creation of global communities, but therefore makes great efforts to normalize and control them. With « Global Agreement » (2018), SCHIRN presents a new work by Neél Beloufa, an award-winning video and installation artist. Beloufa presents sculptural video installations that deal with the staging of power. The video consists of a collage of skype interviews that the artist conducted with male and female soldiers from different countries.

From August 23 to October 28, 2018, the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt presents a new work by Neél Beloufa, an award-winning video and installation artist. To do this, the artist has created sculptural installations that can be worked out at the Rotunda, which are freely accessible to the public, as well as in an adjacent exhibition hall.

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