15 Déc 2020

Ppp Agreement India

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Public-private partnerships (PPPs) can take a wide range of forms that vary depending on the objective, private participation, legal structure and risk sharing. A PPP is usually recalled in a contract or agreement to outline the responsibilities of each party and clearly apportion the risks. Among the general forms of contractual policy covered by existing policies are the programme and guidelines of the Infrastructure Development Fund of India (IIPDF) for the financing of quality project development activities for PPP projects. Once the tendering process is successfully completed, project development expenses would be recovered by the successful bidder. IIPDF`s detailed policies are available at www.pppinindia.gov.in/documents/20181/21751/IIPDF_GuideLines_2013.pdf The Department of Economic Affairs (DEA) has also developed the PPP Post-Award Contract Management Toolkit, a web application designed to improve order management and implementation of PPP projects in India`s infrastructure sector. It aims to serve as an effective guide for public sector organizations involved in the implementation of these projects. The toolkit covers three infrastructure sectors: highways, ports and schools. The toolkit can be infrastructureindia.gov.in/toolkit/ The committee would be taken over by the Ministry of Economy, which has set up a special cell to service these proposals. PPPAC proposals are submitted to the DEA, PPP cell. The detailed PPPAC guidelines are available at: www.pppinindia.gov.in/documents/20181/21751/PPPAC_GuideLines_2013.pdf the Indian government`s profitability gap funding program for funding from public-private infrastructure partnerships, which provides financial support of up to 40% of the total cost of projects in the form of grants (once or deferred) for infrastructure projects implemented through public-private partnerships to make them commercially viable. Under management by the Ministry of Finance, budgetary provisions are set annually in the program`s annual plans. Detailed VGF guidelines are available at: www.pppinindia.gov.in/documents/20181/21751/VGF_GuideLines_2013.pdf/ The Ministry of Economy (DEA) has developed online ppp toolkits covering five infrastructure sectors: state highways, water and sanitation (W-S), ports, waste management (SWM) and urban transport (Bus Rapid Transport Systems).

The toolkit is a web resource that should help improve infrastructure PPP decision-making in India and improve the quality of developed PPPs.

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