16 Déc 2020

Sensical Agreement

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But despite his inflatable comments, Britain`s chief negotiator Lord Frost was more reluctant and said the « contours » of a deal were « visible » but that there were still « familiar differences » to overcome. The announcement of the video conference between the two heads of state and government has sparked speculation that they could prepare to launch a final round of intensive talks – known as « tunnels » – in a final step towards an agreement. She said the « most difficult issues » – including rules on fisheries and state aid – still needed to be resolved if they reached an agreement before the end of the transitional period for Brexit at the end of the year. Before his talks, Johnson said there was « every chance » that an agreement could be reached, while von der Leyen said it was time to « intensify » the negotiations. « By the end of the month, early next month, there should be a clear way to reach an agreement to facilitate all the work that will then be needed to reach an agreement on the line, » he said. In a series of interviews on regional radio, Johnson told BBC Midlands that there was « every chance of getting a deal, » adding: « It`s up to our friends and partners to be very sensitive. » Irish Prime Minister Micheal Martin, who has informed other EU leaders of the progress of negotiations with von der Leyen, said it was « highly unlikely » that there would be an agreement by 15 October, when considerable progress is needed in the coming weeks. The British Prime Minister said there was « every chance » that an agreement could be reached and he continues to hope for a free trade agreement based on the Canadian model. Boris Johnson has called on the European Union to be « sensitive in common » and insisted that a post-Brexit trade deal be within reach. .

The streaming service is run by Common Sense Networks. Eric Berger, who has worked for 14 years in various digital and television roles at Sony, is CEO of Networks Unit and will be the launch point of Sensical. (A preview video is above. « We believe there is a good opportunity for Sensical to fill a huge gap in today`s ecosystem and for Common Sense Networks to innovate in space for the long-term benefit of children and families, » said Jim Steyer, founder and CEO of Common Sense Media. Where there is a will, there is a way forward, which is why I think we should intensify the DeUrsula von der Leyen negotiations. « We will help our friends in the South by carrying out some checks on goods that could arrive in Northern Ireland and enter the Republic, » he said. Children`s development experts will review all programs presented in three areas: preschoolers (aged 2 to 4). Little Kids (5-7 years) and Big Kids (8-12 years). The advertisement is cut accordingly.

Sensical`s mission, he said in a press release, is to « raise children`s passions, arouse curiosity, build bridges between children and their parents and make everyone part of the study journey. » The goal is to « remove any barriers to access to a comprehensive and trustworthy resource for entertaining short videos from the best content creators. » He added: « There is a sense, while there is a sense of commitment, no one underestimates the task ahead of us. » Follow AP Entertainment Writer Jonathan Landrum Jr. on Twitter: twitter.com/MrLandrum31 . About 15,000 titles will be on the market at the ipo, which is expected to be broadcast live early next year, with new ones per month. The programming comes from a number of producers, studios and distributors, including ABC Commercial, known for The Wiggles, Awesome Forces (The Aquabats), Big Big Holdings LLC (It`s A Big Big World), Boat Rocker Studios (Ollie The Boy Who Became What He Ate), Nelvana (Mike The Knight, Bakugan) and many others. Each hour Programming will have no more than seven minutes of advertising. The Sensical app will be widely used on a number of connected devices as well as iOS and Android.

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