08 Avr 2021

Agreement To Provide Insurance Ally

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A: There are a lot of points of contact. The main thing is to get out a lot and try to reach out to our colleagues, who are geographically distributed. And then also touch our reseller customers. One of the advantages I have, since I have moved 12 times in my career, is that I have had the opportunity to establish relationships with merchants in the United States. We use it in our credit decision and on the consumer side. We explore the use of another way to serve our customers. We have done that from the beginning, and we realize that it is a lot of value to do that. This is something that has certainly added great value to our business. It adds a lot of value compared to the consumer, because it helps you make a better decision there. It has probably helped to make more decisions in positive terms, so that consumers can be approved for a loan. And of course, it also helps our trade. You led Ally`s insurance business from 2014 to April 2018.

What did you take out of your time on insurance and you are a candidate for the finance side? The resellers` customers are the same. Our insurance business is a little more concentrated when it comes to advising merchants in optimizing their business, which makes it unique. The two companies go very well together. When I joined insurance, I focused on the fact that we were very well coordinated with both companies. And while I`m getting to the car financing, it keeps me focusing on the same thing: the coordination between the car finance teams and the insurance teams, and the leverage of the two teams that work together. And these teams work very well together. Consistency is essential because it is important for our distributors. In addition, we want to take every opportunity to further improve the speed of the decision and make the most efficient experience possible for the trader, by doing the trick in part through our books, that is to say the execution of contracts on their side, by onboarding. If you ask most traders what is important to them, especially since there will be a turning point in the cycle at some point, consistency is essential. This is usually a period when we are doing very well in relation to the competition. We have an evaluation process that we use to help guide us. This evaluation process is intended to clarify the team and discipline for us as company executives.

It`s just [asking], these are the things we`re thinking about, we`re working on, where we`re talking about it with partners — those are things that fit our strategy? Does that fit our core business? Is it well suited to our partners? Does it have the potential for scale, to be big enough to be important? And then, of course, like any other company, we are looking for creative performance. A lot of what we do is through partnerships, and we are very excited about the partnerships we have. Timmerman, 54, expects further increases for Ally, especially in the used car market. In 2018, used car loans accounted for more than half of Ally`s automotive portfolio. Ally has also merged with at least half a dozen companies on digital financing platforms and has launched its own products, such as Clearlane, an online financing market it launched in 2017. While the focus is on the core business, according to Timmerman, Ally will continue to innovate. « When you talk to merchants, margins come first. If they think about it, there is a general trend towards used car activity, » Timmerman said. We try to find a direction where it`s good for us and good for our dealers, so it`s a perfect point. We love the used car store because of the constant flow; we love the economy. How do you work to improve trade relations? In 2019, the sector is likely to be in more trouble than in 2018. If you look at the retail sales of new vehicles, they could fall further. But according to historical criteria, we

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