12 Avr 2021

Tamil Nadu Medical Pg Agreement

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« Most hospitals only operate with the help of graduate students and interns. The faculty and the chief medical officers only provide postgraduate courses that do the work. This is the scenario almost everywhere in India, we have a very limited medical workforce, so the work pressure is obviously more on doctors and PG trainees, » said another PG doctor who works at a public hospital in Chennai. Among the three lowest-paid states are Puducherry, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. A PG doctor from the Indira Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute in Puducherry receives 42,000 a month, and although a PG doctor working at Stanley College Medical Hospital in Tamil Nadu receives the same amount, salaries of Tamil nadus doctors are still low in the first two years and last year, students do not receive the full 42,000 Rs. Finally, doctors from the PG of Andhra Pradesh receive 39,543 Rs per month at Andhra Medical College in Visakhapatnam. « Yes, it is true that doctors in Tamil Nadu are the lowest paid. But that shouldn`t be the case, and that`s why we`ve been fighting for a long time. The Tamil Government Nadu should raise salaries and provide the remuneration of PG students and doctors on an equal footing with the scholarship or central government salary, General Secretary Dr. Raveendranath of the Chennai Medical Association for Social Equality said: After several legal disputes and despite the central government`s opposition regarding the reservation of seats in the courses of super-specialized medicine and post-graduate medicine (PG) , the Tamil government Nadu has finally issued two circulars bookings for government doctors and candidates serving in medical and super-specialty courses PG. The loan of a note of 20 Lakh, which was filed with the clerk (court) of the High Court Bench, so that it can be cashed by the relevant authorities if it does not enter service after the closing of the course. On May 1, 2020, he changed direction at the Graduate School of Medicine to complete his initial certifications in order to participate in the National Board of Examinations (NBE) DNB course.

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