15 Avr 2021

Which Sentence Displays Correct Subject Verb Agreement Jiskha

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Which of the following sentences illustrates the confidentiality agreement of the subjects? I think it`s this one, but I`m not sure. Tricia and all her colleagues are educated on new equipment. The subject and the verb in this sentence coincide. Well done. Each writes a paragraph of 150 to 200 words to explain the importance of purpose, audience, sound and content in academic writing. Use the three components of a good paragraph that will be dealt with in this week`s readings. Point out your sentence. Boldface your conclusion 2,what is the right sentence of verb accord topic? 1.niether harper still finns are the 2.Missouri and Illinois details are known states along the Mississippi River. 3. Either you or I am responsible for cleaning the house this afternoon. 4.Hope, peace and love are within everyone`s reach. 3.The boat that belongs to Fred generates big waves.

What is the sentence? 1.waves created Fred Boot 4.Which sentence displays the correct subject-verb arrangement? The herds of beef are huge! The library staff are very helpful. My stamp collection is extensive. The crew of the workers finishes the job. 5.What sentence contains a gelatin? While playing baseball with his friends, he decided he needed a new racket and a new glove. A pastime of people who enjoy summer is small league baseball games at Hometown Park. Some baseball teams have succeeded because they acquire players who reach their highest potential. The number one leader in the races for his team is first to beat in today`s game. hello miss sue it wouldn`t suit me the rest of the questions, but if you did the test for me pls I really need help I just need the rest of the test answers there should be 14 questions thanks:)in really lost on this lesson this is once ive done this so pls ireally need help I know it`s a practical test but…

It`s for part of my class! I`m confused! What are the phrases that indicate the correct verb-subject chord? How do you determine the right verb in a compound subject? What is the best way to determine the right verb? plez hilfe !:/ Simple phrase with composite theme: Jack and Jill ran up the hill. Compound subject – Jack, Jill Verb – ran The verb is Correct the following sentences for the subject verb chord, tens and fragments first my cat is very playful 1.B. The nomun that sentence is about 2. A. Undetermined Pronoun 3. A. Sailing 4. one. The audience is at the end of the show. 5. Identify the simple theme in the phrase « There are too many people in this elevator. » A. A lot of people B.C.

There D. Elevator I chose B because people are the subject and the verb. This places the verb before the subject, since the subject of I must circle the simple subject, find the verb, decide if it is right, and if not, I must put the verb just in its place. (Verb-subject agreement) The roar of the lions resounds over the meadows. Please check my reply thank you:) Demostrates the following sentence the correct subject-verb contract.

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